I now have my recorder with me, where I forgot about it last week.
It does take some time to start it which makes me late for warm-up, but at least I will have the music for the Saint Patrick and the performance.

The Reel is the first dance today and goes well.
The Light Jig works out well, but I end with the wrong leg after the lead around, which makes me continue on the wrong leg into the side-step. I really give it my best effort to end this well, but have to give up at the very last step.

Bad luck, I know what I need to do, but my legs aren't really working with me. I will have to wait sometime for the first steps of the Primary Reel. If I would have danced the Light Jig without any error, my teacher would have shown me the first steps of the Primary Reel.
The Slip Jig works out fine, not considering the step I copy from the Single Jig.

The Treble Jig works out pretty well, until I kick myself with force in the right shin at the last step. I try to see it throught the pain and concentrate on the Saint Patrick.

As I stil could not write down the complete sequence of steps last week, I had a hard time practicing them as well. I practiced something I think is right, which it fortunately is.
I still struggle though. Getting the timing right really is the hard part. When I ask one of the girls to go over the dance with me I really have to slow her down as she starts at full speed, where I have to find out if I take a step too much or not.

Shitty rocks: I'm afraid to fall

I do practice the rocks, but pretty slowly and really not with music. When the teachers orders me to try after multiple times of practice, I quickly stop. First of all the rocks follow after a number of steps from the set I haven't mastered that well yet, the main thing is that I'm just afraid to fall.
I do get the feeling the rocks are a bit easier for me than last week, although it will probably still look like shit.

Practice for the performance is off. I don't like that myself, as the teacher emphasized how tough the steps would probably be for me to follow along. I was already facing a rather short period of time to practice, now 5 or 6 classes remain. I will have to try really hard and I think about not only taking a soundrecorder with me, but also a videocamera, otherwise I will have a tough job ahead of me.