Not really 'rocking' yet, but: Revenge!

I didn't practice for a week. Not because I didn't want to, but because I was living on cloud 9. Saturdary April the 25th, during a short bikeride, I was hit by a car, driven by a female motorist who either didn't understand the rules or really did not see me.
While doing 15 km/h I was first pushed into the wrong direction, until the axle of my front-wheel met her bumper with a incredibly loud bang, which sent me flying.

And that moment, everything felt so peaceful. Not one moment I was in the anxious state of falling. Everything was quiet and like a ragdoll I only sensed something like 'I'm ready'.
According to witnesses, I tumbled in the air, landed on my head more or less, used my momentum to roll through onto my back and then got up like nothing happened.

I carefully checked myself to see if I really escaped unharmed, but not a single scratch, bruise or fracture could be found.

Peace at last

From that moment on, I noticed how I finally felt a kind of peace inside my body. My shoulders have dropped down in a relaxed state since that day and the thoughts that kept running through my head since my eye-surgery in 2012, had finally died down. How busy I could be worrying about futilities! After 2,5 years of mental stress, searching for answers and worrying about things that don't really mattter as well, this accident finally gave me the remaining piece of the puzzle of all the things I lost in 2012.

With a great sense this could have ended completely different if I had been there tenths of seconds earlier near the exit where the driver in question suddenly revved up completely unexpected which lead to my fall, or should I have not worn my coat... It proved to be warmer than I thought, so I cycled slower than usual..

If I would have been earlier, I probably would have had a broken leg or foot, if I would have been cycling faster, the outcome would most likely have been different as well.

The energy I now have left at the end of the day almost feels unusual to me. I had gotten used to getting home exhausted that it really surprises me I get behind my hobbydesk 3 days in a row and really make progress.

Incredibly grateful that I can still experience everything like I'm used to, that I don't need crotches to walk and get to be at danceclass this day makes for a quiet mind. It doesn't really matter that much anymore. When I fail at some dance, I only think 'Better luck next time'.

A huge victory on myself is dancing the Reel on the music that will be used for some performance after the Class Feis (The Redmond Feis, a competition that only features dancers associated with our school)
What went horrible two months ago is now a flawless dance and I get the feeling I even scare my teacher a bit from the point where I start to dance, where I almost only feel 'Get out of my way, I'm coming'.

Tough stuff on heavies

I have just sat down when the teacher looks at me with a troubled face and starts a 'maybe...'. She would like to see me dance the steps on my heavy shoes. The same steps she found to complex for me last time. The fact that a few Primaries and one Intermediate had trouble with those steps, was enough for her to think I would be in trouble dancing along, something I completely agreed with.

But now, I'd like to take up this challenge. I decide to record the music, which I asked for last week, to also record the shoes and layer both recordings to have the perfect way of practice.

There is a short acapella piece in it. For an Intermediate or Open dancer it's probably a no-brainer to learn that without other dancers around, but I think it's way too hard for me. With just the music you miss the shoes which makes practice so much harder. That's why I again take electronics at hand. I wanted to do that today, but forgot my recording device.

Right. I nearly forgot: at the end of class I can feel two muscles at both sides of my tummy, muscles I didn't even know existed... maybe that accident...?