No rocks, no groupdance, no danceclass: fire at the NDSM-wharf

No problems till I get the ferry. I'm awaiting mine on the docks of the former fast-flying ferry service to IJmuiden, reading a newspaper. When it is ready to dock about 10 minutes later, I haven't got the faintest clue what is going on. The boat itself is completely empty and 4 persons in hi-vis jackets are upfront.
Those hi-vis jacketed people have a hard time to notify the general public about the fact the ferry will not be going back because of a fire at the NDSM-wharf. With just their own voices they can hardly make their point clear besides all the city-noise and the roar of the ferry-boat itself.

I walk back to the bus-station, ready to take a bus.
I call one of my classmates, who usually takes the ferry as well, but don't get through. I already text our teacher, who is probably still on her way.
Shortly after, I get a call from my classmate, who is making her way to the ferry. She turns around to top-up her card and take a bus, but receive a call from our teacher who can't even get on the terrain herself.

We await the situation for a while, but the terrain, where the hall is, remains closed. I call my classmember again to tell her the party's off. Exactly at 8 PM I get on a bus to go back home.