Wednesday was too busy, so I now practice my heavy-shoe steps on a Thursday-afternoon at work, during my lunchbreak.
As usual I take off my safetyshoes, temporarily switch socks and put on my heavies.
With my notebook in one hand and my other hand besides my body I try to dance as good as possible.

I mess up when I get to the steps I don't know as well and I start over. It is at exactly that moment one of the women from the offices comes into the shop. I keep dancing and see her looking around the premises to find out who's working at this time. She doens't spot me and continues her way to the offices at ground-level.

'What the hell are you doing?'

As she leaves the offices again, I have just switched to the Treble Jig and just as I try the 'heel-steps' I mess up, let out a 'shit' and walk back to start over again.
While I'm practicing my Jig, she walks straight towards me and can't miss me anymore. She slows down her pace with every step and when I mess up at the same spot again and stop, she responds.

"What the hell are you doing!?" She chuckles.
"Practising my dance-steps." I say corny. She starts to giggle and walks out of the shop, back to her department.
The company where I work was already quite aware that I sometimes practice in the shop, but apparently not everybody knew yet...