The last class before the Antwerp Feis

In short: I really was in doubt whether I should go to danceclass, right before the competition. If not for the risk of sore muscles, then because of the short time between the end of class and waking up for the competition. As one of my classmates already found out, I have to dance early. This will make for an (extreme) early rise (4:45 AM).

With my chief at work, I can get to a compromise to work a few hours extra for a few days so I can take half the Friday off. This enables me to get some extra sleep in the afternoon. A I write this down I clearly remember what I wrote in the beginning. Back then, I had never expected to go this far for a competition.

That rotten-Light Jig

In danceclass I do pretty well with my soft-shoe stuff, but I mess up the Reel the first time.
When I have to dance the Light Jig after it, I mess up again. I just can't seem to master that dance. On encouragement from my teacher, I practice in the big hall. On getting back in the small hall and dancing the Single Jig, I suddenly lose 'it'.

After the first hops I want to step out far too quickly and lose all timing. When I fail on my second attempt as well, I jump up and down in anger. How the hell is this possible!? I blame it on my neverending practice off the Light Jig from just a moment ago that confuses me now. I also find the Light Jig to be a very fast dance.
Fird's a charm and I finally make it right, but I really have to pay attention I don't make the same again when stepping out.

Even though I will only be competing on soft-shoes, I'm encouraged to change shoes.
I practice the first steps of the Treble Jig a few times, but somehow I don't manage to get them right. When I practice 'outside', I already improve.

The Treble Jig! Up to speed!

When I get back into the practice area and go through the steps in my mind, a few others who will be entering the competition tomorrow as well are ready to do their bit. As they dance to the music I will have to master at some point I just look on at the back, but ready to dance as well. I'm completely surprised when I start dancing at the same moment as the others and manage to keep up with the pace. Aha! Now I even better sense how to time certain steps.

When my teacher starts slower music for my fellow-beginner, I even get confused. I start to dance 'full power' and even find the music to be slow. I'm completely lost after just a few steps and can't even follow the music anymore.

I get the chance to dance again to the right speed, which I almost do completely without any mistake. Haha! Victory!
My teacher also notices this and is chuffed to see I can get along with one of the girls.

With the person that will be my transport to the Feis tomorrow, I go over the time. It will be early, at 4.45 AM... I started to work at a quarter to 8 the last 3 days, as this will make the buzzer ring at a quarter to 6. Just an hour earlier won't hit me so hard that way.

The weather forecast: Hold on tight for Saturdaymorning...

After exchanging phone-numbers, I head for home, to meet my parents with a worried look on their faces.
Their first question is wether i will be going or not. I reply that I don't know why we shouldn't. It's only then I hear about the weatherforecast for tomorrow, which is not good.

When I check the website of the National Weather institute, I see that we're close to a regional code red situation (code orange is in effect already), but as always, you never know how bad things will get.
I text my transport if we should go slightly earlier, not knowing she is in bed already and will only read my message the next day.