Class starts with a surprise. Not only for me, but also for one of my classmates. Our teacher hands out envelopes and small leaflets. The first is the bill for the following term and is not a surprise. The second is, as it's my entry for the Antwerp Feis on January 24.

I'm surprised, as I didn't even know I would be competing, as transport to the competition was the big problem. I accept my entry and take the leaflet and then see my teacher also put me up for the Light Jig. Wooha! I only know the lead-around by now...

Fortunately, she's still able to correct that.
Considering my entry, my first question is if the woman my teacher mentioned last week is indeed going as well. I'm totally surprised if someone in our group responds that she's going as well. Aha, that person is part of our group...

Less nerves

The dances I will be dancing at the Feis are not my best work at the moment. Big deal, the competition is only 8 days away. With how I felt around the European Feis still fresh in my mind, this is nothing. I do think the Antwerp Feis is smaller and I probably have to dance very early in the morning. That greatly limits the chance of big overruns.

One of my classmates looks up the details for this competition and my suspicion is right. Early in the morning (9 'o clock) me and a few others already have to take the stage.
I don't know where she found that information to be honest. I already performed a few internet-searches myself, but on the Feis-website, where one expects such info, there's still only a text-document with an announcement for the Feis and a very global planning.

The Treble Jig: Too slow agáin...

Together with a classmate who is at the same level, we both look at our teacher gobsmacked. Darn that's fast! I try, but have to give up when I prove to be far too slow.
My teacher quickly acknowledges, but does remind us that that is the speed the dance is performed at. Ouch! Surprise!

With some slower music playing, things go pretty well.