The problem

Een zwart plastic plaat met bedrading en metalen onderdelen, een V-mount accuplaat van IDXAt the end of 2021, I started planning on doing more with video and especially thought about working with people. I quickly ran into problems with supplying power to accesories like a light, extra monitor and a microphone-receiver.

The camera I have (a JVC GY-HM750) has a standard batteryplate by IDX (P-V2) to 'receive' V-mount batteries. Those batteries can be bought from different brands and can be exchanged between different brands of cameras (special functions won't always work though).

That standard batteryplate offers 1 D-tap connection to connect accesories like a videolight. The D-tap connector is a standardized solution which you will find on many batteryplates and batteries, which usually always offers at least one.

More D-taps? Exponential price-rise...

If you want more, you enter a kind of gray area and the price of a batteryplate seems to rise exponentially with every D-tap that's available.

I would need at least two extra connections so I could connect an extra monitor, videolight and the microphone-receiver.
I ordered some D-tap plugs to make a Y-cable myself.

A removable blindplate...

I had already loosened the batteryplate once before I started messing around with my batteries, so I knew what to expect inside.
When I removed it from the camera again, this time to measure if I could fiddle with the SMbus connections from my batteries, I noticed that there was a removable blindplate at the other side of the batteryplate.
When removed, it clearly provided enough space for a second D-tap.

Gee, that Anton Bauer looks alot like...

Een zwart plastic afsluitplaatje en een zwarte contactbus in een accuplaatBesides that, the D-tap already available is a spitting image compared to the female DIY-plug from Anton Bauer (8168-8109).
I opened the bag and got the small block that holds the two contacts and pushed, with the contacts in it, in place of the removed blindplate. It was a perfect fit!

Een ondiep gat geboord in een zwart plastic blokje om het te laten vergrendelenThe only thing it doesn't provide is the small slit that meets the small notch from the batteryplate, to hold the connector in place. But a 3 millimeter drill quickly dealt with that, with the contactblock firmly clicking into place afterwards.


Een zwart plastic plaat met bedrading en metalen onderdelen en twee voedingsaansluitingen, een V-mount accuplaat van IDXWith soldering the extra wiring the second D-tap connector was ready (please check the polarity!) spending only 12 Euro.

By comparison: an original IDX batteryplate with two D-tap connectors (with 1 providing regulated 12 Volts) costs 178 US Dollar...