There was a class two weeks ago, but as I was in need of rest, I decided to skip class in the first week of my vacation. No obligations and constant nagging from work for a while... just peace and quiet.

This friday, still in my vacation, I do not complain about a lack of energy. I just started dancing myself out of nowhere a few days ago and kept practicing everything I knew (except for the Hornpipe).
One of the girls has got new ghillies and is getting her laces tied like a pro by the teachers' daughter.

It's looks a bit silly because, unknown to me, ghillies also need to be bought one size smaller and eventually stretch. That makes her feet look huge and the gillies about to burst.

So this can be compared to the pain in my soft shoes I had to endure when they were new.
When she has to warm up and 'skips' around the hall with a painfull smile on her face, we are all looking at her smiggering: we all know how this feels.

Shortly after, I suddenly get my competition-slip pushed into my hands. Listed are all 6 dances. If I will be doing them all is unknown now. The teacher wants to see everything first and what goes wrong too many times, will be cancelled.

The Reel works out well and I'm just very pleased with myself. Even though I hardly practiced at all it seems to take so little effort and it hopefully looks splendid. I even wonder if I'm doing the right thing if this is so easy on me, but maybe 3 weeks of rest worked wonders.

When a group of Primaries is next and she grabs the MP3-player for the right music, she asks us bewondered if she started Beginners-music a moment ago. We say we think so, but then it shows why it was so easy: she played Primary-music by accident. No wonder it was hardly any trouble to perform so well!

The rest works out okay too. I'm a bit too eager with the Slip Jig though, but I just have to pay attention. I mess it up twice at the last steps, that very much look like steps in the Single Jig.
After these two failures I think about letting this one slip, but the techer wants to review it one more time. Then, I do nail it.

I'm not so lucky with the Light Jig. When I practice it outside before I do that in the hall, I seriously slip and fall. My right foot shoots from underneath me on a layer of fine sand. While in a forward motion I luckily don't land on my tailbone with my back straight, but it's painful nonetheless and I can feel it shoot up my spine.

I immediately get into the hall. Should the pain suddenly sore, I'm in the right spot at least.
The Light Jig takes a lot of effort after this incident. I complete it, but it's not easy.
I even manage to get the Single Jig right, although I nearly continue with the steps after 32 bars, which one does not have to do at a Feis.

Eventually I get to the point I can tick every soft-shoe dance from my competition-slip.
Even my heavy-shoe dances work out fine, especially when I think about the fact I didn't wear them for weeks. They do hit me though, at the end of class I stretch my toes by walking on my tip-toes with great pleasure.

When I take my heavy shoes off, I feel something in my back that's not totally right.

There's more to come, but I'm still busy translating the older entries to English. Please, be patient and check back for updates on the matter