It has finally become less busy at work, which leaves some energy to go to dance-class. I do hitch with the teacher, as I don't have the energy to jump into the shower after dinner and make it in time for the bus. If the ride to it doesn't kill me, standing up straight after dance class, waiting for the bus will.

In class, I notice that my fitness has gone down the drain. I didn't practice and stretch, but also didn't take the bike to work for the last 6 weeks, as I just can't find the energy to do that with my new job.

I don't even try the Hornpipe. The Saint Patrick isn't nice to do as well when I make a few mistakes. First let me get used to this again and catch my breath. I'm even wearing my dance-sneakers, as I expect my feet will not thank me when I put my real soft shoes on my feet. My toes already hurt so bad, I can't even imagine them getting pushed together in my soft shoes.

I do catch something about an upcoming Feis: there will be another one held in the Zuid-Oost Beemster, while I thought the competition from a few months back was the only one organised by the Redmond School this year.

Maybe I can attend that competition (my physical state set aside), but I forget to ask. With the second hour of class in swing, I sit outside the hall for about 45 minutes, while I let my legs dangle freely. What a lovely feeling to just let them hang there all loose...