Temperatures again reached tropical numbers today. A fierce thunderstorm hit in the afternoon, but that didn't do wonders for the temperature. It's extremely warm and sultry today and I was even in doubt if I should go to danceclass or not. Suddenly, a bit cooler air drifts in during the evening and I decide to go after all. Not that we will be dancing much. It's the last class before the summer-stop and that's why there's food and drinks for (and from) everyone.

Added to it is just the temperature. This is just too much. I don't have to practice everything as I know some dances long enough already.
When I mess up the Saint Patrick on the second go, the teacher tries to persuade me to have a third go. But I'm fed up with it. I'm done and I'm breathing heavy. I sit down and I decide to leave dancing for what it is.