After a short edit by my dad, I can see a video-recording of my group on Tuesday the 16th.
Incredibly enthusiastic I come down to watch it. Quite surprising considering I did not like to see myself back on video or photo before I was hit by the car.

After being stationary for nearly 1,5 minutes, I start to move and that's the moment I'm completely surprised. What a flexible legs! Yes! Now I finally know I've got 'flow'!
What was basically the only thing they kept mentioning till the last class in Haarlem, trying to keep a fluent motion and not moving in a hopperdy-hop fashion but I just could not achieve no matter how many times the teacher showed it... now it's finally there.

I do think I could do a better job at throwing my legs up for a hop, but I'm so pleased with the way I dance so far, it really looks easy. (Besides, I will always find something to nag about ;) )