Dancing on my soft-shoes goes pretty well, although I mess up a few times. My teacher is in high spirits with me failing, as I do improvise and continue.

I feel a bit of an idiot when the teacher says she didn't want me to participate as I only know the lead-around (well... 'know' the lead-around)

We started class on heavy shoes again and thus end with soft-shoes. When I mess up in the Slip Jig, one of the dance-moms pokes me that we bot should try again.
When I do the lead-around once more, my teacher acts surprised and the group starts laughing. I go over the steps in my head to find out if what I do is wrong, but no, I really am doing the right dance.

When I finish the lead-around and can't hold back my own laughter anymore, I look to my right. My fellow beginner is nearly on the floor dying with laughter. She did multiple steps in one big mash-up, as just 'Slip Jig' doesn't ring a bell for her when it comes to the steps. She managed to perform at least a few steps in the beginning, but after that she (in her own words) did something she could not reproduce, that's how weird it was.