'Perfectly messing up' the Single Jig last week, it almost feels like it should be the Reel this time. But time on time again I correct and keep dancing.

The Light Jig is a bit of a 'oh dear' moment: I didn't have the time to practice it this week, but the steps also keep running through my head.
But things run smooth when I have to dance it. I quit when I have to do the side-step as I don't even know it yet. The teacher asks if I know it and I reply I don't.

I get it taught and even though the speed is low I consider the beginning to be hard: I already had my thoughts about it, but by now I really think 'Light' really does not match the complexity of this dance. I just find it difficult and on advice of my teacher, who sees I'm doing it wrong, I practice just 'hop-back-hop-front-hop-back-etc....'
It's not until then I understand what I need to do so I can write them down.

The Slip Jig goes pretty well and I think ahead about how the last steps of it are so similar to those of the Slip Jig. No! Just don't think about it. But it's too late. I ofcourse mess up at the end of the Single Jig, when I start doing steps from the Slip Jig. Bad luck.

Confusion arises when I get to the Treble Jig. My fellow beginner would like the slow music while I would like to dance it at normal speed.
When I try to get by on lower speed, I notice how much trouble I have to hold myself back.
After her, I get to dance on normal speed, which works out pretty well until I get to the side-step. Already when I begin I start to doubt whether I end with the right leg. With the next step I indeed notice something isn't right and the third step isn't such a problem. It's only with the next step that I notice I won't be able to correct this and I stop.

For next week, I will be starting a hornpipe...