With the stop for the summer in sight, I decide to practice that 'one move' on my heavy shoes. I brought my sound recorder with me again and that proves to be a good idea. I lost the rhythm again and only by practice outside of the hall, to prevent me from pumping up the volume on my headphones to be able to hear the recording over the heavy shoes, I manage to find the rhythm back and get it into my mind.

A new move: the cut

For the beginners Slip Jig, I also get a new move. I have to practice a series of so-called 'cuts'. It's a step that can easily get you injured and involves quite a lot of balance.
I'll try to explain it, but I'm no teacher ofcourse:

With your right leg in front of your left, your right heel is touching the toes of your left foot. Both feet point outwards. Lift your right lower leg in such a way you keep it in front of your left and the knee stays in place as you do this. Eventually, you let it go down again and you do this with left as well ofcourse.

Looking back now, a better explanation would be to imagine you want to touch your left hip with your right foot.

I try to do this a few times, but it's hard. I lose my balance so much that I almost trip over my own feet.
I also get some steps for my heavy shoe dance, something to be 'stomping' (it could be that I heard her wrong)
It comes down to hitting the floor with both the heel and tip of the shoe at the same time (and with quite some force) which proves harder than I thought.