I'm lucky when I get an early bus. Because of being a little ahead on schedule, I have a transfer on another bus and I'm rather early in the big hall where dance-class is located. I can now have a good look at all the industrial heritage from the past. Everything that makes this former shipyard-building such an interesting place is still there. If it's not for all the old stuff that is still around, then the location itself, with a high feeling of freedom to do whatever you like has a nice buzz to it.

Dancing itself goes pretty well. I manage to dance the Beginners Reel right the first time. The Beginners Single Jig goes well until I reach the side-step and have to change legs. At least I got the order of the remaining steps right.

The Slip Jig, also a soft-shoe dance, goes without errors as well.
Things aren't so well with the steps I have to do on my heavy shoes. I'm even beginning to doubt if I will ever get beyond the steps I have to learn now.
I should not forget however, that this is only the 6th lesson so far on my heavy shoes. When I started on my soft shoes, things didn't go that smooth in the beginning as well.

The new student is here as well. I'll give her somewhere around 40-years old, but she dances along with us easily. Much more easy than I did in the beginning, that's for sure.
When she asks me if she ended on the right foot and I want to answer, I note how some dances have now been engraved in my memory and I don't even think about them anymore. I have to make the same steps to find out if she ended right or not.