It's annoying, but again I didn't really remember what I have to do. I did try to practice at work, but the steps I have to work on didn't surface.

The hall is a warm and damp place again. I don't hesitate and immediately get a chair to open the second set of doors as well. It does provide some air-flow, but I practice outside again a few times.
The Single Jig goes allright, allthough I have to stop at the side-step. The steps itself are right, but I dance them in the wrong order. I just can't get my head around to remember them the right way.

I decide to write them down as soon as I get home, allthough that won't prove to be such a great help when I write them down in the wrong order, which will make me dance them wrong again the next week.

I planned to take up some practice on my heavies at work, but I forget to take my socks with me (I do wear socks, but nothing beats a pair of Falke running socks) and the other day I can't take my shoes with me.