Starting on heavy shoes as an absolute beginner in Irish dance is asking for trouble with all the technique involved.
My initial goal was to do 'something simple' on a pair of heavies, but I had to get to that point first.
How long that would take was beyond me, if I would ever reach my goal at all.

That's why I started this kind-of diary on the day of my try-out class on October 1, 2011.
After some thinking, I went for The Road to Heavies.

It's probably incredibly boring when you're not an Irish dancer yourself (and probably also when you are). Many terms are for 'insiders' and the moves are next to unexplainable. I don't name fellow dancers as it doesn't really add to the stories and you probably don't know them.

Translating the entries I have originally written in Dutch takes quite a lot of time. I'm running behind, so for now, you will have to do with the entries listed below.


The very first start